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Dental office Dr. Kirzinger and Dr. Sölch in Grafenwoehr
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We offer the entire spectrum of modern dentistry and are preferred Tricare Provider!


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Hardly anyone likes to go to the dentist. This is understandable. It's even more difficult when you have to go to a new dentist for the first time:

• Was it the right decision?
• Is the team friendly?
• Will I be informed?
• How competent is the dentist?
• How good is the quality?



We could of course promise you the moon, but that is not our intention. Instead, you should get a first impression of us (dentists, team) and our surgery. If you like what you see here, call us and arrange your personal appointment with us: Telephone 09641/2331



This page and the following pages will offer you information about the dental surgery of Dr. Karl Kirzinger and Dr. Stefan Sölch and our services for you. If you are in pain or do have other problems with your teeth: You get help here!

You will also find a Map to our office. With the online route planner you can find the way from your home to our surgery easily and take on the trip.
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Nitrous oxide - Happy Air Sedation

Especially for our American patients, we use Happy Air Sedation. Nitrous oxide has the least side effects and with modern equipment is nearly risk free. With nitrous oxide sedation, you are always fully conscious and responsive. You are still aware of everything around you but you feel indifferent to what is happening. The particular advantage of nitrous oxide is that it can also be used for anxious children as long as they are cooperative. After the treatment the effect vanishes within minutes. Thus, as an adult it is not necessary to bring someone to escort you.



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